macOS Arcanist Installation Guide

Arcanist and moz-phab can be installed into any location on your system, as long as the arc and moz-phab commands work from your command line.

These steps require both git and php, which happily are preinstalled on macOS.

In this guide we’ll be installing arc and moz-phab into ~/.mozbuild, however they can be installed into any reasonable location.

Install Arcanist

  1. Create a ~/.mozbuild directory if it doesn’t already exist and clone the arcanist and phabricator library repositories:
mkdir -p ~/.mozbuild
cd ~/.mozbuild
git clone
git clone

Install moz-phab

  1. Create a ~/.mozbuild/moz-phab directory and download the latest version of moz-phab:
mkdir -p ~/.mozbuild/moz-phab
cd ~/.mozbuild/moz-phab
curl -O$(basename $(curl -sLo /dev/null -w '%{url_effective}'
chmod +x moz-phab

Add arc and moz-phab to your PATH

Both arc and moz-phab need to be on the PATH in order for the scripts to work.

  1. Update your PATH to include arcanist and moz-phab:
echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.mozbuild/arcanist/bin:$HOME/.mozbuild/moz-phab:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
  1. Close and reopen your terminal program
  2. Ensure running arc and moz-phab both work:
arc -h
moz-phab -h